Monday, November 26

Counting One To Ten

Below is two simple and easy songs for you to learn to count from one to ten in English. Sing along with your friends in school. I love the second one more because the Ducky is just too cute.

Wednesday, November 21

Numbers: One To Ten

Hello everybody. Today, I am going to teach you about numbers. What is number? Number is actually used to express a value or quantity in terms of words or figures. It is often used in counting, making calculations, for identification and for showing order in a series.

You should have learn how to count in your Mathematics lesson, right? So let’s show me how good you are at counting. Look at the picture below and tell me how many balls you see.

That’s right. There is a total of five balls in the picture. You can do it by pointing your finger at each ball as you count along all the balls. You will eventually stop pointing at the fifth ball and said five balls. Then that’s your answer: five!

Do you know how to write number one to ten? Maybe you know them as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. How about in English words? Let us learn together. Please pay attention at the spelling for each number.

1: One
2: Two
3: Three
4: Four
5: Five
6: Six
7: Seven
8: Eight
9: Nine
10: Ten

Remember to pronounce correctly for number one to ten. Look for the video titled “Numbers” in the Learning Videos section in my blog. It will teach you how to count from one to ten.

Friday, November 16

Story: The Little Red Hen

I always reminded my students to take a break after long hours of study. Reading story book is one of the activities you can do during the break. Now in this blog, I would like to share some short stories with you. This not only helps to relax your mind, but also helps to develop your interest in reading.
The story below is about little Red Hen and some of her friends (the Goose and the Duck).
The Little Red Hen
The little Red Hen was in the farmyard with her chickens, when she found a grain of wheat. 
"Who will plant this wheat?" she said.

"Not I," said the Goose.

"Not I," said the Duck.

"I will, then," said the little Red Hen, and she planted the grain of wheat.

When the wheat was ripe she said, "Who will take this wheat to the mill?"

"Not I," said the Goose.

"Not I," said the Duck.

"I will, then," said the little Red Hen, and she took the wheat to the mill.

When she brought the flour home she said, "Who will make some bread with this flour?"

"Not I," said the Goose.

"Not I," said the Duck.

"I will, then," said the little Red Hen.

When the bread was baked, she said, "Who will eat this bread?"

"I will," said the Goose

"I will," said the Duck

"No, you won't," said the little Red Hen. "I shall eat it myself.  Cluck! cluck!"  And she called her chickens to help her.

Sunday, November 11

Songs for You

Another video session! This video here includes four songs which are suitable for children in primary school. They are easy to sing so you should give it a try and sing it in front of your family and friends.

Song list:
Pop! Goes The Weasel
Chipmunk Family
Little Toad Little Toad
Little Fox

Wednesday, November 7

Exercise 4

Look at the picture below and name the things.

1.                     5.
2.                     6.
3.                     7.
4.                     8.

1. clock
2. cupboard
3. table
4. ruler
5. board
6. desk
7. chair
8. pencil

Look at the pictures and answer the questions.

What is this? This is a ___.


What is this? This is a ___.


What is this? This is a ___.


What is this? This is a ___.


What is this? This is a ___.

1. sharpener
2. cupboard
3. eraser
4. desk
5. bag

Friday, November 2

Inside the Classroom

How are the lessons in school so far? Are you familiarize with your classroom yet? I hope you are comfortable with your surrounding in school by now. Today I am going to guide you around a classroom.

Look at the picture below. Is this a classroom? Yes it is. Your exact classroom might be a little bit different than this but the things inside the classroom should be somewhat similar.
So what can you see in this classroom? Do you recognize any of them? These are the things you always see in your classroom, isn't it? Alright now let us learn their names.

The big rectangular object that hangs on wall is called board.
The object with two doors that we store stuff in it is called cupboard.
The object that teacher put his/her things on is called table.
The object that we sit on is called chair.

The object that students put their things on is called desk.
The object that we use to measure is called ruler.
The object that we use to write is called pencil.
The object that we use to rub off words we wrote is called eraser.
The object that we put books into it and bring to school is called bag.

After this lesson, you should be able to name a few things in your classroom. Remember to add “s” to the end of object’s name if the object is more than one. Examples: the chairs and desks in classroom.
Disney Minnie Mouse