Friday, November 2

Inside the Classroom

How are the lessons in school so far? Are you familiarize with your classroom yet? I hope you are comfortable with your surrounding in school by now. Today I am going to guide you around a classroom.

Look at the picture below. Is this a classroom? Yes it is. Your exact classroom might be a little bit different than this but the things inside the classroom should be somewhat similar.
So what can you see in this classroom? Do you recognize any of them? These are the things you always see in your classroom, isn't it? Alright now let us learn their names.

The big rectangular object that hangs on wall is called board.
The object with two doors that we store stuff in it is called cupboard.
The object that teacher put his/her things on is called table.
The object that we sit on is called chair.

The object that students put their things on is called desk.
The object that we use to measure is called ruler.
The object that we use to write is called pencil.
The object that we use to rub off words we wrote is called eraser.
The object that we put books into it and bring to school is called bag.

After this lesson, you should be able to name a few things in your classroom. Remember to add “s” to the end of object’s name if the object is more than one. Examples: the chairs and desks in classroom.


  1. thank you teacher. it help me more understanding the classroom.

  2. teacher,you teach me many thing . From lester soo

  3. Alvin Wong and Lester Soo , hope this information can help you ... :)

  4. i like your background~ so lovely~ suit for children~

  5. Thank you very much xunxun loh and Chong Lee Teen :)


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