Thursday, December 13


Hello everyone. After reading the two stories (the Little Red Hen and The Hare and the Tortoise), do you get interested in animals now? I hope you do because today our lesson is about pets.

First off, what is pet? Pet is actually tamed animal that is kept for companionship or pleasure and treated with care and affection. Some people buy them from pet shop, some people adopt them from animal care center, and some people just bring them back home if they saw them got abandoned somewhere outside by other owner or the parents.

What kind of pets do people usually keep? In my mind, I think dogs and cats are the most common choice of pets. Birds, fishes, hamsters and rabbits are often kept as pets as well. Reptiles like turtles, snakes and lizards can be kept as pets too but not everyone like them. But remember, do not own animals like panda or tiger as they are endangered species and not suitable to be kept as pets. They belong to the wildlife and can hardly be tamed.

Now you have a clear idea of what pets are, we move on to their physical appearance. What color is your pet? Is it white, black, mixed colours, or dotted? If you do not own any pet, you can imagine one for yourself first. How about a white rabbit with two big red eyes? Or a puppy with black-dotted body? Anyway, you can discuss with your friends or siblings and see what is their dream pets.

How about their food? What does your pet eat? Some people like to feed their pet with only pet food, and some people like to feed them with rices mixed with vegetables and meats. Depending on your pets, their appetite might be different. For examples, chicken prefers corn or rice, rabbit prefers carrot and vegetable, and fish prefers worms or fish food.

So what are you waiting for? Make a brief description of your own pet and compare it with your friends. You can visit your friends and take a look at their pets too. You might come across with some cute pets! Have fun!

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  1. Kids, are you like this story ? hope you guys enjoy it ...:)


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